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New York City

No Sex in the City?
You deserve better...

Ready to find your appy ending?
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We've all

been here!

Is my person out there?

How do I know if this is the one?

Is it me?

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Sunset Over Manhattan

See for yourself...

Sunset Over Manhattan
Empowering women and putting men in line, one cocktail at a time!
City Skyline

Let's Fall in Love

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Fill out my Matchmaking Mondays form for a chance to get matched on my Instagram stories!

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Appy Hour
with Sarah

Want some quick and helpful dating advice from someone who's been on every app? Sit down for Appy Hour and get your profile audited or your dating questions answered in a quick 15 or 30 minute session.

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Been Ghosted?
Get Feedback!

Been ghosted? Want to know why?

That's why I created this easy and non-confrontational Google Doc for you to get the feedback you deserve!

Fancy Accessories

The millennial Carrie Bradshaw with a darker sense of humor and a smaller shoe budget.

New York City

Meet Sarah

Sarah Lynn Robinson is a self-proclaimed professional dater and self-taught dating expert. She grew up in Detroit and Denver before moving to Chicago to study theatre, moving to LA to pursue film, and then moving to NY to fall in love. She is a former actress, singer, and host, and current writer, dog Mom, and man critic. When she’s not reading, drinking wine, online shopping, traveling, or laughing at something she shouldn’t be laughing at, she can be found trying to make women feel better about themselves, putting men in their place, and making her parents wonder what she’s doing with her life. Think of her as a Millennial Carrie Bradshaw with a darker sense of humor and a smaller shoe budget.

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